5G SA and NSA Performance Testing

Successful deployment and operation of 5G networks

5G monetization and client experience depend upon making sure that 5G rollouts are completed proper seeing that day 0. 5G introduces a brand new radio technology and new frequency bands, making smartphones even greater complex with the primary 5G devices assisting Dual Connectivity with each LTE and 5G. Furthermore, 5G networks are designed for virtualization to allow new features along with network reducing, that deliver improved complexity and demanding situations in keeping apart provider troubles, especially in multi-seller environments.

Mobileum’s SITE energetic quit-to-cease checking out platform gives powerful 5G Testing techniques with Smartphones, Wireless Interfaces, and Core Network probes to deliver all the insights associated with 5G service performance and high-quality of experience. Designed and optimized to check, monitor, troubleshoot, and benchmark 5G services 24/7 with scalability to conform as 5G era movements forward, our platform enables operators to gain the very best information fees, stricter latency requirements, and excessive reliability.

Validate 5G SA and NSA

Mobileum gives a comprehensive portfolio for cease-to-cease performance verification of any 5G network environment, ranging from 5G non-standalone (NSA) and standalone (SA) to 5G fixed wi-fi get right of entry to and 5G network reducing. We deliver all of those factors collectively to permit our customers to get their share of the 5G marketplace and ensure lengthy-term dedication to their clients.

Using our unified method to 5G testing, validation teams can create automated, reusable checks speedy and successfully. Automation frees these teams to attention on creating comprehensive take a look at suites, as opposed to acting manual tests.

5G middle community testing

Mobileum’s Core Network Testing validates baseline 5G network performance over S1 (NSA), N2 or N3 interfaces the usage of high frequency trying out with out the have an effect on from radio conditions. It emulates manipulate and consumer aircraft and has been designed for immediate and flexible deployment in virtualization environments.

Our 5G Non-Standalone (NSA) testing makes use of eNB and gNB emulation over S1-U and S1C to affirm 5G NSA provider availability and performance, in addition to data and VoLTE performance. Our 5G Standalone (SA) checking out makes use of gNB emulation over N2/N3 interfaces and verifies 5G SA carrier availability and overall performance, and each information and voice (VoLTE/VoNR) overall performance.

Mobileum’ middle community probes may be virtualized for Network Function Virtualization (NFV) environments (e.G. VMWare, OpenStack). Support for virtualization allows bendy deployments and permits operators to make certain virtualization has no effect on provider performance.

5G wireless module checking out

Mobileum’s 5G wi-fi module is a robust and scalable option to continuously test, reveal and benchmark 5G QoS for Non-Standalone (NSA) and Standalone (SA) deployments. Testing the usage of wi-fi modules lets in operators to seasoned-actively monitor 5G offerings and determine the performance of their 5G community within the key markets.

Our answer supports 5G NSA, 5G SA and LTE using diverse frequency bands to generate an intensive set of wellknown and extra 5G service KPIs, inclusive of 5G radio, band, and bandwidth, network kind, and restriction DCNR.

Testing for 5G network reducing

Network Slicing is a key function of 5G that makes use of virtualization talents to create logical networks with one of a kind performance traits. This lets in operators to address numerous 5G use cases the use of the identical underlying infrastructure. However, it additionally means that SLAs should be monitored and assured for each slice.

Mobileum’s 5G Slicing validation and tracking solution can take a look at each RAN and CN slicing at all stages, from slice instantiation, thru its operation and up to decommissioning. It gives overall performance rating playing cards in step with network slice, together with the capacity to drill right down to lines and distinctive KPIs for analysis and troubleshooting. Pro-lively alarming guarantees that any degradation in slice overall performance is picked up earlier than impact on carrier and enterprise.

Fixed wi-fi access (FWA) trying out

Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) is one of the 5G Use Cases that brings high-velocity broadband to houses or offices through 5G enabled CPEs and offers an alternative to constant line Internet get admission to. Typically fixed line get admission to is related to excessive QoS and balance. To make sure the fulfillment of 5G FWA, the provider have to provide similar or even higher performance, while navigating the demanding situations of wi-fi operation.

Mobileum’s constant wireless get entry to (FWA) checking out solution includes an IP Testing Probe equipped with two 1Gbps LAN interfaces connected to the 5G CPE and the SITE Testing Platform for stop-to-end testing the usage of actual statistics visitors with specific QoS requirements.

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